PNC Father Son Challenge - Social Media

PNC Father Son Challenge - Social Media

Helping Golf #CelebrateFamily
PNC Father Son Challenge - Social Media

PNC Father/Son Challenge

A special PGA TOUR event designed to celebrate family, the PNC Father/Son Challenge is a two-day, tournament exclusively for Major champions and their kin.

The Challenge

Golf loves its major champions but most everyday fans focus their time and attention on the Rickie’s, Rory’s and Tiger’s of the sport. So, how do you bring awareness and drive engagement, while in the process increasing attendance and sales, to an off-season specialty PGA TOUR event filled with aging superstars?

The Idea

The Idea

Show everyone what they’re missing. We all have families and many of us, either as parents or as kids know the joy a shared passion for sports can bring. Let’s tap into that feeling and use emotionally driven copy and imagery to bring that feeling to life in our campaigns.

The Solution

Using a calibrated mix of email marketing, paid search and social, starting Father’s Day (fittingly enough), we targeted past attendees nationally and golf enthusiasts in and around the greater Orlando area. Combining our family-centric messaging with strategic targeting and concerted efforts across digital tools we build laser-focused micro-campaigns designed to drive interest, engagement and ticket sales.During the actual event, we deployed our social team on-site with a primary focus on showcasing the many ways players and guests Celebrate Family – using a unfolding narrative approach where posts and Instagram stories work hand-in-hand to showcase everything that makes the PNC Father/Son Challenge such an incredible event.

By embedding our fans in the middle of the event, we invited attendees and far-off admirers alike to experience the true joys of the event and in the process build some serious tournament envy through glimpses into experiences unattainable even if you were in attendance.

The Results

As we suspected, golf fans love touching family moments

Organic Impressions Increased By 88%
Social Audience Increased By 71%
PPC CTR Increased By 6x
PPC CPC Lowered By 5x