Chris Jungjohann
April 24th, 2020

We started the agency during a recession - why not rebrand during a pandemic? It’s only fitting that we chose now to launch the rebrand of the agency - but it's been in the works for some time now. We turned 10 last year and for those that know us well, it’s been a hell of a year. Ups, downs and everything in between.

We’ve been through some iterations and modifications to the Recess brand. There have been rewrites of our mission and some of our taglines - but at the heart of the agency, one thing has never changed: Our vision to do the very best work we can for our partners. Our ability to adapt to new challenges. And, our desire to do good.

When we began, the push was digital. But, we always had “traditional” services at the core of our business as well. We’d often get a question while designing an app or a website - “Do you guys know anyone that can help with our collateral” or “you guys don’t do email marketing, do you?” I usually a sigh, and then I think to myself I’ve somewhere failed along the way - not properly describing what we actually do. 

So we’ve simplified our messaging. We’re a full-service creative agency. We can create apps, experiences, logos, and yes, we design killer cakes (shoutout to Kayla). 

We believe that to create the best work humanly possible, we need to do a lot of research, properly define the problem and then create solutions. Sometimes those solutions are pretty simple and sometimes they’re really crazy and complex.

So what’s really changed at Recess? Everything and nothing. We’re still a crazy bunch of passionate people that are here for whatever you need. We’re a little older, and maybe a little wiser. The brand is a little more mature - but not super serious. Recess is still inspired by the ideas of play and the energy of discovery. And if it’s fun, it’s not work.

I’ll let Jake go into more detail on the new look and feel - but I will say, it’s adaptive, fun, colorful and it takes on whatever is thrown it’s way - much like Recess.