If you’ve eaten Boston Market®, Authentic Asia™, or White Castle™ frozen meals, you’ve tasted Bellisio Foods. The company’s facility in Jackson, Ohio, needed to hire for a wide range of positions following a recent expansion. But, with a county population of just under 30,000, positions can be hard to fill.

Through the creation of a multichannel awareness campaign, we successfully increased the number of qualified job applications the factory received daily.


  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Campaign Development
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Design & Creative Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Illustration, Video & Animation
  • Logo Design, Print & Collateral
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • SEO, SEM & Digital Advertising
  • Social and Influencer Marketing
  • User Experience & UI Design
  • Web Design & Development

Doing Our Research

By visiting the Bellisio Foods factory and interviewing employees from several departments, we identified the type of candidates our campaign would target and how it would need to speak to them.

Bellisio employee in factory

Creative Execution

The tagline, “Be More at Bellisio Foods,” is rooted in the long list of empowering benefits the company offers its employees. Our campaign's use of current employees played a crucial role in conveying the opportunity, potential, and empowerment job seekers could expect to find at Bellisio Foods.

be more at bellisio creative execution

Out of Home

Billboards strategically placed within a 50-mile radius of Jackson County aimed to reach candidates on their way to and from their current jobs, a time many use to reflect on career goals.

bellisio OOH


Google search ads targeted two types of candidates: those looking for job opportunities regardless of focus and those interested in a specific role, such as “Cook” or “Maintenance Specialist.” Campaign performance was regularly monitored and adjusted to optimize performance. As a complement to search ads, both Google display and Facebook placements acted as “digital billboards” designed to reach those most likely to respond to our message.

bellisio digital


15- and 30-second radio spots worked in tandem with billboards and digital ads to foster a sense of familiarity between Bellisio Foods and the residents of Jackson so that jobseekers ready for a new start knew precisely where to look.

I've never felt more empowered

The Results

Previously, Bellisio Foods only received applications from 2% of those who clicked on their job postings, a number our campaign was able to increase by 1300%.

What’s more, we loved helping Ohioans find work, and for that, we’re proud.

bellisio facebook