The Prayers from Maria Foundation is built out of love and compassion for children who suffer, and those who have died from deadly brain tumors. Their mission is to provide childhood cancer patients with the support they desperately need, by reversing the tragic lack of funding and fueling the most meaningful brain cancer research for kids.


  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Design & Creative Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Illustration, Video & Animation
  • Logo Design, Print & Collateral
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • SEO, SEM & Digital Advertising
  • User Experience & UI Design
  • Web Design & Development

Brand Detail

The sunflower fields of hope are inspired by the memory and spirit of Maria McNamara and planted as a way to love and honor the courageous children battling cancer and those lost too soon. Paying homage to the existing logo, we simplified the already well-known sunflower and illustrated stems to make a stand-alone field mark. 

Web Design

With a new logo comes a new website. Bright colors and fresh typefaces bring out the personality of the Foundation while still being soft and light for the subject matter that is bringing hope to finding a cure for childhood brain cancer. 

prayers from maria website

Blooming Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions that the Foundation gets is whether the fields are in bloom or not. We wanted users to see the field status on the website quickly, so we built a Blooming Guide. Unique to each field, this guide is on their respective pages and easily illustrates the fields' process, from not planted to harvested. 


Prayers From Maria has merchandise sold at their headquarters and at different retailers throughout Northeast Ohio. Using Shopify, we bring all of the Foundation's products online for anyone to buy in the comfort of their own home or on the go.

prayers from maria ecommerce